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Collection 01


Trong bài này là các mẫu áo cưới nổi bật nhất tại tuần lễ thời trang Xuân Hè Paris vừa qua: 


Sweeping the runway at Paris Couture Fashion Week, bridal trends for spring/summer 2013 ranged from lashings of lace and fussy feathers (Chanel), to short hemlines, svelte sleeves, two-tone bodices (Dior) and sheer skirts (Elie Saab).


So whether you're searching for ideas, need inspiration or just want to drool over the froth and flamboyance, this is one wedding dress collection to spend some time with...



Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2013


 Chanel Spring/Summer 2013




 Clarisse Hieraix 


 Georges Hobeika 


Chanel Spring/Summer 2013






Stephane Rolland 




 Stephane Rolland 


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